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Meet Namekoa!
She is the second girl from our pilot class who we proudly send to university now. She is 23 years old tomorrow she will leave for Dar Es Salaam to attend nursing school. Here you see her with her 7 year old son, whom she has to say goodbye to now as he will stay with his grandmother here in Ifakara. To say thank you she has just presented me with rice, a pumpkin and a papaya, harvested by her and taken from the ration she will live on for the whole year! This is the best salary I could ask for and once again reminds me of how meaningful and beautiful our work is for these girls. Seeing them successful and thankful makes me so happy and humbles me at the same time! Kazin njema, Namekoa! Good luck, Namekoa!

Regina Mbangali

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Today we want to introduce you to Regina, one of the students who has been with us since September of last year, and who has impressed us time and again with her dedication, passion, and hard work.

Regina comes from a tiny village outside of Ifakara.  After completing primary school, Regina was denied all opportunities to advance herself. The only option she saw for herself was to get married.  However, after she became pregnant, her father chased her away from home and told her to go and live with the man who had impregnated her. The boy and his family, in turn, refused to accept her into their house and denied her any support.

Despairing and dejected, Regina tried to return to her father’s house.  When her father hesitantly took her in, he laid out a number of conditions and set out to punish her by constantly mistreating her.

When Regina heard about the her opportunity at the Bakhita Girls Program, she asked the boy’s family if they would take care of her baby while she went to school.  They reluctantly agreed, and Regina went to live with her aunt in Ifakara, where she is now attending a Bakhita Girls partner school.  Because of the distance to her village, she is unable to see her child often.  Despite feeling very hopeful and relieved for being back in school, she misses her child very much, which makes it harder for her to perform to her full potential in school.

Despite her story and her daily struggles, Regina is a source of energy and a radiant heart of the Bakhita family. She is always cheering and empowering us with her strong and brilliant smile, which never seems to come off her face. You can often find her sitting at the very last row of tables in the class, shying away from participating in heated discussions but fully engaged in what is discussed. Regina is known for taking excellent notes but she would never admit to this. We continue to work closely with our partners at Techfort Secondary School to ensure her progress, success, and continued smile.

You can join us in this endeavor by sponsoring Regina, and committing to pay for her tuition, uniform, books, and academic support and by visiting our contributions page, where you can explore and find different ways to give.

Maria Msokami

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Maria is the oldest of three children and since her parents’ divorce, she has been living with her father and stepmother in Ifakara.  Maria got a chance years ago to attend a governmental public school far from Ifakara, after passing the Standard Seven exam successfully. Maria’s father objected to her attending the far-away school, and insisted that she enroll in a local private school instead. Maria obliged, but it soon became clear that her father had no intention –and indeed no ability- to pay for her school fees and tuition. As a result, her private school refused to service her and she was forced to stay at home, idle and disappointed.

All of this, until she heard about the Bakhita Girls project. After being selected to participate in our program at Bravo Secondary School, she devoted herself fully to school and became an outspoken voice for her classmates. Thanks to the efforts of the Bakhita Girls support staff and the work of our partners at Bravo, Maria has not only been excelling academically, she has also increasingly become recognized as a legitimate representative of her fellow students, constantly taking it upon herself to eloquently express the wishes and concerns of her classmates to our staff and her school administrators.

Maria’s rhetorical skills were, in fact, on full display earlier this year, when she participated in a National Debate competition that was aired on Tanzanian National Television. Here at Bakhita Girls, we see very bright things ahead for Maria, and we are doing our best to cultivate her passion and develop her skills so as to ensure that she has the necessary tools to go on and become a leader in her community and country, just as she has become a leader of her class. Hopefully we can get used to seeing Maria on TV more and more often.

You can join us in this endeavor by sponsoring Maria, and committing to pay for her tuition, uniform, books, and academic support and by visiting our contributions page, where you can explore and find different ways to give.