Step 2: Enroll

After conducting a rigorous survey of need-assessment, we then focus on providing the girls with the best academic environment and a chance to study and excel at school. Since most of the Bakhita Girls have been out of school for a number of years, we prepare the girls academically before enrolling them in one of several private secondary schools in the region. Bakhita Girls provides for the girls’ tuition, books, uniforms and other school needs. In addition to matching the girls with a proper school, the organization pays the girls a modest monthly stipend to ensure the beginning of their financial independence.

Since our founding in 2008 there has been much exciting progress in Tanzania.  Thanks to pressure from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), in 2010 the government of Tanzania adopted a new law that allows young mothers to continue their education at their former school seven after they became pregnant, including if the pregnancy is sadly due to rape. Read an article about these changes.

Additionally, new Tanzanian education policies have been ratified since 2006, and it is incredible to see incredible changes in just a few short years.  One of the most dramatic of these changes has been the opening up of the education sector to independent, non-governmental educators. New secondary schools have recently opened up in the vicinity of Ifakara.  These schools are owned by local independent and experienced educators whose passion for education led them to raise capital despite the enormous challenges to doing so. In just a few short years, these schools have achieved high standards in Tanzanian education.

We have so far formed partnerships with two of these schools: Bravo Secondary School and Techfort Secondary School. The administrators of these schools work closely with us to identify and recognize the neediest girls, and to work toward enriching their lives through education. The teachers and the headmasters of Techfort and Bravo, with whom Bakhita Girls has a close and strong relationship, share our vision and believe strongly in our mission. They are driven by a passion to improve their own communities, and by their dedication to empowering those underprivileged.