Our Work

“Bakhita Girls” is a nonprofit organization in Ifakara in central Tanzania, devoted to the empowerment of young women through the provision of education. We seek to give underprivileged girls and particularly young mothers within the community access to a good education while strengthening existing, locally-owned educational institutions and schools. Currently our scholarship program includes 39 girls; two of them have already completed the secondary school and are currently studying in university.

Our scholarships include the tuition costs as well as school material and individual needs such as transportation, housing costs and medical costs. After having completed their final exams the girls have the chance to apply for the two annual university scholarships we offer in order to get further support on their way to becoming strong independent and self sustainable women.


Building a Community Center

We are planning the build of a community center in Ifakara. We want to create a place which can function as the central port of call for our Bakhita girls, but also as a place to go for girls and women of all ages from Ifakara. We envision a space which not only provides our girls with extra language support and after school activities as well as child care for their sons and daughters but also functions as a center for education in general – offering courses to illiterate women who seek an employment, health advice and information on human and women’s rights, community activities such as movie nights and collective dinners, etc. . Our generous advisor Mr. Fandey has allowed us to build on his property. Therefore we already have the perfect little space for our dream in the heart of Ifakara. But now we nee your support to realize it!




To learn more about our process, please see below:

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Step 3: Nourish